Thailand introduces visa-free travel for citizens of 93 countries

Temples of Thailand

A long-awaited boost for Thailand's tourism industry and fans of this amazing country.

This year, Thailand is making strong efforts to attract tourists through the introduction of special visa programs. This demonstrates a commitment to revitalizing tourism and guaranteeing the country's sustainable economic development.

New initiatives for foreign nationals include more convenient visa-free entry conditions, visas on arrival, extended stay periods for students, remote workers, and reduced mandatory health insurance for retirees.

According to one of the innovations, the number of countries eligible for visa-free entry to Thailand will increase from 57 to 93, while the length of stay will be increased from 30 to 60 days. Cambodia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria Laos, Romania, Mexico, Uzbekistan - this is an incomplete list of countries included in the visa-free regime with an updated period of stay.

Citizens of these countries will be able to travel in Thailand for a year without prior formalities. However, by the summer of 2025, Thailand plans to introduce a new Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system. Thus, by the middle of next year, tourists eligible for visa-free entry to Thailand will need to apply online for this electronic authorization to travel to the Kingdom. Despite the need to pre-apply for an ETA, the measure should ultimately make border crossings more convenient and efficient.

The new measures aim to simplify and modernize the entry procedure and are beneficial for both tourists and business travelers. In addition, this solution provides much more convenience by allowing tourists to enter the country without additional bureaucratic procedures. These factors will definitely make Thailand a more attractive destination for foreign visitors.

Another important update concerns the list of countries for which citizens will be issued visas on arrival. Until 2024, there were only 19 such countries, but now Thailand has increased this list to 31 countries, which will make traveling to Thailand easier for citizens of these countries.

It is safe to say that Thailand is becoming even more open and accessible to the international travel community, which is great to see!

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