Papua New Guinea opens Visa on Arrival (VoA) with some countries

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Passport holders from certain countries are now able to obtain a Visa on Arrival (VoA) at an authorized port of entry in Papua New Guinea. This was announced today by Chief Migration Officer Stanis Hulahau. In accordance with bilateral agreements on mutual visa exemption.

Nationals of Japan, the State of Israel, the Republic of Indonesia, the People's Republic of China and all Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) member states can obtain a visa on arrival when entering PNG at Jackson International Airport in Port Moresby.

PNG has bilateral visa agreements with the Republic of India and the Republic of Korea and is awaiting ratification by Parliament for the agreements to come into effect. These agreements will facilitate visa facilitation and strengthen diplomatic ties between the countries.

"I am pleased that the Government of Papua New Guinea is eventually opening up the VOA facility to selected countries that we have bilateral reciprocal arrangements with and soon we would be considering other countries who are eligible under the similar arrangements," the Chief Migration Officer said. Diplomatic and official passport holders from Japan, Israel, Indonesia and the People's Republic of China are eligible for a visa on arrival for 30 to 60 days per visit. Mr. Hulahau said the visa on arrival does not apply to diplomats and officials on long-term contracts, but only to those coming for short-term business meetings.

Regular passport holders from Israel can obtain a 60-day visa with single or multiple entry on arrival for short-term business or tourist purposes. Chinese tourists holding ordinary passports and traveling as part of registered and organized groups are eligible for a 30-day single-entry visitor visa without charge.

Mr. Hulahau said the PNG government reciprocally offers the same treatment to passport holders from countries that offer the same to PNG passport holders (whether diplomatic, official or standard).

The visa-on-arrival option was suspended in 2019 due to the coronavirus pandemic that forced the government to impose strict entry requirements. However, ICSA Chartered Governance Institute reopened the service earlier this year for ICS member states and is now further expanding the service to Japan, Israel, India, Indonesia, China, Indonesia and Korea.

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